101 Haddington Town Service

Changes to the 101 timetable from Monday 28th January 2019.

Summary of Changes :-
Community Hospital Link: There are only be two 101 journeys to the new hospital. Most previous journeys are replaced by either the 111 or the new 122 Gullane Circle.
Dunbar Road Link: Will no longer run due to poor passenger use.
Nungate Link: Largely unchanged with the exception of the first journey which will start 10 minutes later at 0908. All other journey are unchanged
Acredales Link: Will no longer run due to extremely poor passenger use.

Current 101 Timetable - Click to download
Valid from Monday 28th January 2019

101 Live Tracking

Route Maps from Monday 28th January 2019

Nungate Link

Community Hospital Link

122 Route within Haddington

111 Route within Haddington

108 Route within Haddington