Minor Timetable change from Monday 21st November 2022

The first journey from Haddington at 0738 is reinstated. The 1455 & 1555 journeys from Fort Kinnaird now leave 5 minutes later at 1500 & 1600 respectively
All journeys to and from Elphinstone Research Centre are now classified at 108A to avoid confusion.
On the same date all £1.70 fares will rise by 10p to £1.80 as part of a fares rationalisation. Multi-journey ticket will also rise for the first time in 3 years.

108 Timetable - Valid from 21st November 2022 - Click to download

Fares and Multi-Journey tickets

There are multi-journey tickets available in paper form which can be bought on bus or mobile tickets on our myTrip app for Adults, NHS Staff* & Research Centre Staff and are available for use in our Urban Zone, Urban/Rural North Zones, Rural South Zone or across All Zones and priced accordingly.

Please be aware that all bus stops are 'tagged' within our ticketing system so for example an Urban Zone ticket will work between Musselburgh and Tranent, but not from Macmerry.