108 Haddington to Fort Kinnaird

Current 108 Timetable - Click to download
From Monday 28th May 2018

Summary of Changes :- All outward jouneys from Haddington remain the same as the current timetable with the exception of the 1648 from Haddington which is extended to Fort Kinnaird, with the last return journey now at 1745 from the complex.
We have removed the waiting time at Musselburgh Tesco from all inward journeys to Haddington. All journeys leave Fort KInnaird at the same time but now leave Tesco, and all stops thereafter 5 minutes earlier. As mentioned above there is now a later, 1745 journey from Fort Kinnaird on weekdays..
The very poorly used journey from Tranent at 0702 to Musselburgh will no longer run.

108 Live Tracking

108 Route Map

Please Note - Not all stops are served on every journey. Please refer to timetable

Journeys serving Elphinstone Research Centre operate as shown in the maps below.
THe 0823 Journey from Musselburgh is shown on the left, with the 1646 Journey from Haddington on the right

0823 Jorney from Musselburgh - Click to Enlarge 1648 Journey from Haddington - Click to Enlarge