Changes to Services 110 & 118 from 8th May 2023

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Elphinstone to Prestonpans

Changes from 8th May 2023

110 Timetable - Valid from 8th May 2023 - Click to download

There will be two additional journeys from Elphinstone, at 09:15 & 09:50 and one additional journey from Tranent to Elphinstone, at 09:34, in the morning and minor changes to times in the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:30.

Seton Sands to Musselburgh

Service withdrawn from 5th May 2023

Will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. Despite trying various options to make the route profitable passenger numbers have never recovered following the COVID lockdowns.
The situation has been exasperated by the withdrawal of both additional funding, and at this time standard funding, for bus services by Transport Scotland and we can no longer sustain the losses on this route.

EL Community Hospital to Preston Lodge High School

No Changes

Will continue to operate between EL Community Hospital and Preston Lodge High School on East Lothian school days only.

There will be no changes to any other services at this time.